Bell Park

Gazetted in 1899, the Emu Park Botanic Gardens was listed on the Queensland heritage register in 2003. Following the establishment of pathways and seating by the Emu Park Ladies Improvement League, the Reserve became a popular destination for locals and holidaymakers and by the 1940s it was a popular site for large company picnics.

The Botanic Garden remnant known as Bell Park is 11 ha and has large, open, grassed areas with some more formally planted rows of hoop pines. Bell Park contains a range of mature pines on the eastern border [sea side] and open grassed areas. Other areas of mature vegetation include hoop pines along the Hill Street entrance to the park; and pines and coconut palms in the south-west corner.

Structures within Bell Park include a timber tower thought to be a judges box/starters box, near this structure is a large, open grassed area said to be a runners track; two timber rotundas, one constructed with tree trunks for uprights, while the second rotunda has uprights made from sawn timber.

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