Hall Workshops

Date & Time
Saturday August 11 , 2018
11am - 1:00pm

Queen Street Community Hall

, Karl S. Williams , Tim Gaze and Rough Diamonds

Two great workshops with Tim Gaze and Karl S. Williams at Queen Street Community Hall. See below for more info on these fantastic workshops!

Guitar Technique in the Round Workshop, hosted by Tim Gaze

Guitar Technique in the Round is a presented by legendary guitarist Tim Gaze. Learn from a professional who had played with Jon Lord, from Deep Purple, Jimmy Barnes, Rose Tattoo and Stevie Wright (The Easy Beats) and many more. In this workshop, Tim will touch on guitar styles, basic techniques, and setting up to get your ‘sound’.

Introduction – brief history, then ;

  • Tim will intro with backing track
  • Playing from the wrist – using fingertips, 4 fingers etc.
  • How to play a guitar solo using only 5 notes – Minor pentatonic shape.
  • Various playing techniques – slides, hammers, bending, vibrato, tremolo and tapping.
  • Using phrasing and expression with riffs and solos – including timing rhythm refs 1/8th, 1/16th, triplets etc. and plying across the beat – syncopation.
  • The use of effects pedals, some different types of effects used
  • How to get tone and presence from a guitar amplifier.
  • Run through/practice for the remainder of time chosen song/s

Participants are encouraged to perform any guitar or song piece/s we have discussed during the workshop, and we can discuss and share how new information has helped them to improve their guitar playing skills.

Art with Karl S Williams 

Everyone can draw, and if you look inside you’ll find no shortage of inspiration. Come learn some techniques and muse on the human condition through the simple medium of ink drawing.