Capricorn Coast Triptych

Date & Time
Friday August 6 , 2021

Yeppoon Foreshore


Capricorn Coast Triptych is a series of three soundscapes that offer a glimpse into the world of Corio Bay, a dive into the waters of the Keppel Islands, and a journey down Fig Tree Creek. The soundscapes are ‘geolocated’, which means that you can hear the work by following a map and listening with headphones using an app on your phone. Download the free echoes app on your phone and explore the wonders of an audio walk soundscape experience.

Search for and download the free ECHOES interactive sound walks app by, from the Apple iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

Then, click here and the ECHOS app will open. Connect your headphones to your phone, click on START and follow the interactive map – as you enter the blue circles, the soundscape will begin …

The works begin near the pedestrian walkway at the northern side of the Sailing Club and finish just before the Keppel Kraken.

Soundscape text: Kristin Hannaford

Audio and soundscape design: Shaune Sinclair

Kristin Hannaford and Shaune Sinclair work together collaboratively on soundscape performances. Kristin is an award-winning poet interested in the role sound can play in shaping environmental awareness, and Shaune is a musician and songwriter who often performs at venues along the Capricorn Coast.