Sha’Waza Dance Troupe

Janelle formed the troupe in 2008 after dancing and learning from some International Teachers of Middle Eastern Dance and from our own Aussie belly dance superstars.

I travelled to Egypt and Turkey in 2009 and again in 2011 to seek further knowledge of the middle east dance and customs, taking lessons in the cabaret and folkloric styles of Egypt and the cabaret and Roma styles of dance of Turkey.  Over the years I have also travelled to Hungary (my hubby was Hungarian), India, China, Thailand and Bali to learn their cultural dances.

My Troupe, well it has evolved over the years, dancers come and go and come back, we have had a few sabbaticals and I am so happy to share my knowledge with whoever is crazy enough to sign up with me…

Our dance style is a fusion of music and all I know about dance and we perform at many of the Cap Coasts charity and cultural events.  Also, most of our costumes are made by us.

Proudly I can say that Sha’Waza Dance Troupe brings together women of all ages, shapes and sizes into a dance sistahood.


Figtree Stage Queen Street Community Hall Saturday August 14 , 2021