Off with the Fairies

This band goes off !  The music is wild, Celtic and enchanted.  The violins scream and then melt into harmonious lullabies, both violinists, Katherine Cox and Dana Bainbridge are brilliant virtuosos; complementing their joint, comprehensive, wicked abilities on the fiddle.   Paul Bambrick is a superb tenor, guitarist, mandolin and Irish whistle-player.  He weaves and warbles to sing beautiful Irish stories in the pure Australian tradition.  Edwina Mullany maintains a robust, often erratic double bass as the huge instrument just manages to stay under control.  Claire Sellens, a classical flautist, twiddles the recorder and Irish whistle.  Aaron McKenney melds the band together with tempo and vocals. Sean Kehoe is strong and dependable, holding the ensembles rhythms with bodhrán counter melodies of the Irish tradition.

This is an experience like no other –the CQ lounge, to the pub, to the conservatorium.  The music arouses emotions of joy, regret, sorrow, and excitement; crossing the gamut of human emotions: it is uplifting, contemplative, riotous and will make you cry into your beer and /or Get Up and Dance!


Figtree Stage Queen Street Community Hall Saturday August 14 , 2021