Helen Kavanagh

Last year’s Rockhampton River Festival saw Helen create the ‘hanging umbrella’ installation in Rockhampton’s Laneways.’ This year Helen approached the village festival with an idea as she was keen to have creative control for a project of her own choosing – and inspired by Amber, wanted to try her hand at a repurposing waste project! Fits perfectly with Village Festival’s want to encourage more environmental awareness and more sustainable consumer behavior.

As a passionate advocate for the environment and a concern for the detrimental impact of our throw-away society, Helen is embarking on an art project that will encourage the community to reflect on their waste behaviours. ‘Discs to Disco Balls’ will see Helen reusing compact discs to create reflective disco balls, and to bring a little more magic to the Enchanted Forest (working with Kate and her contributors). Helen hopes that her project will raise awareness and encourage others to use objects that are about to be discarded, for a second purpose.