Ella Hooper

Best known as a singer songwriter, Ella's career has developed from the rock of Killing Heidi, who brought a new edge to classic Australian music. Ella has been celebrating 20 years of Killing Heidi with brother Jesse all throughout 2017. Releasing ‘Reflector’ digitally, this reignited the hype for everyone’s beloved band. Touring with Live Nation, they have played for mammoth audience nationally, including capital cities, festivals, and they band are now embarking on an extensive string of regional dates. Ella has won five Arias and written several top ten hits including a number one album and single. Reflector, Ella’s first album, released when she was just 17, has multi-platinum status with singles including ‘Weir’ and ‘Mascara’ being available for international streaming. Ella is the youngest person and the first woman to have received APRA’s Songwriter of the Year Award. Ella’s career is showing no signs of slowing down, and although Ella is originally from country Victoria, her music has reached an international level. Within Australia, she has played many of the major festivals, such as Big Day Out, Queenscliff Music Festival, Festival of Voices and many more. On top of this, she has been impressively received internationally, performing in Europe, Asia and the United States, On top of Killing Heidi, Ella is involved with many other creative ventures, including the alternative folk band ‘The Verses’, and her solo career. Her solo career has the release of two EP’s ‘Venom’ and ‘New Magic’. These follow on from her first solo record 'In Tongues'. A nod to the 90's, 'New Magic' is warm mid-tempo pop and compliments ’Venom’ the starkly powerful EP keeping her loyal fan base hungry for more. Being a multi-media talent, Ella has regular appearances on radio and television. ABC (television and radio), and channel 10’s The Project. On top of this, Ella performs her hits for many Australian loved shows, including The Morning Show, and she proudly captained the re-boot of Australia's favourite comedy quiz, Spicks and Specks. She has done two killer performances on RockWiz, singing Divinyls ‘Pleasure and Pain’, and a duet with Dan Sultan, both RocKwiz classics. Ella has hosted regional music TV show 'Radar', and online shows ‘The Backyard Jam’ and Telstra's music program ‘The Road To Discovery’. In her various roles, Ella has been a host, moderator, mentor, and philanthropist. She has worked with APRA, the Push, Mushroom Music and various not-for-profit organisations. Ella also joined the board of Creative State, advising the state government on the concerns of the Victorian music scene, and has also been delighted to join the board of the Victorian Women’s Trust, a leading feminist philanthropy organisation.