little mountain is the new music collaboration of kate leahy

Kate is the creator of the touring concept Legend & the Locals which brings an Australian music legend together with locals across Queensland.  Regional Queensland locals collaborate with the legend, coming together to perform on stage.  It’s all about providing a space for locals to dream, and support in the moment when they share that dream with their communities.

Kate is also the voice and face of the ‘Summer of Capricorn’ tourism campaign, featuring ‘We Like’ from the EP ‘Bring Home More’ (recorded in 2013 at Studios 301 with 5 time platinum selling producer Tim Carr).

‘Stone to the Ground’ will be the first release under the name of LITTLE MOUNTAIN, produced in May 2017 by Byron Bay Producer, Anthony Lycenko.

‘Stone to the Ground’ is a story about the love that a parent has for their baby. ‘It’s simple, and surprising, and all consuming… as a line in the song says “I’m a stone to the ground, fallen for you”’ (Kate Leahy).

Kate has made a name for herself in the original music scene, touring both Europe and Australia several times.  Kate’s music has also been used on well-known TV series, including ‘Winners & Losers’ (AUS) and ‘The Listener’ (CAN) that have been broadcast nationally across both Australia and the USA.