Kevin Borich Express

An artist who has stood the test of time.  Kevin Borich is undoubtedly one of the chosen few.

With a professional career spanning 47 years, Kevin Borich has done it all.  Beginning with the LA- DE- DA’S in New Zealand, writing the classic hit ‘Gonna See My Baby Tonight’, to his KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS and The PARTY BOYS, Kevin has performed at some of the biggest Rock events Australia has seen.

The Historical SUNBURY Festivals – the ROCKARENAS in the 70’s with crowds of 60,000 people, featuring FLEETWOOD MAC, THE LITTLE RIVER BAND & SANTANA (with whom he was invited onstage to play with). The New Years Event at the Sydney Opera House with 170,000 people telecast live nationally and internationally to Japan at that time, a first!  Numerous support shows for international acts, ELTON JOHN, STATUS QUO, JEFF BECK, BUDDY GUY & PETER FRAMTON  to name a few.

From your local to the big events, he has carved out a revered reputation in the Australian Music Industry, performing his music with a youthful exuberance, – giving extra meaning to the word LONGEVITY.  Kevin has played and recorded with artists such as Renee’ Geyer `Blues License’ – Dutch Tilders `The Blues Had a Baby ‘- Richard Clapton `Prussian Blue’, Jamming with Carlos twice, also with Bo Diddley, Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), John Mayall, Taj Mahal & members of Living Colour. Overseas tours and tours with Jimmy Barnes, Renee’ Geyer, Mark Hunter, and being Co Founder member, and author of the Party Boys name have added spice to his career.

Well known for his high-energy electric guitar style, his performance is hailed throughout the music industry as world class.  He also starred in the hugely successful 18 ‘Sold Out’ Australia wide ‘Long Way To The Top’ 2002 arena concerts.

He also performed on the 2003 Melbourne International Music & Blues Festival  featuring Tony Joe White, John Mayall and Ray Charles.  In recognition of His contribution to Australian music and blues culture, he was inducted into the Australian Blues Foundation Hall of Fame.